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Loosing transmute crystals.

Hello. During ESO + free 5 days i have 153 transmutate crystals (153/200), when it ends i have 153/100. Today i'm going in vDSA and take 5 crystals and my 53 crystals was gone, so now it's 100/100. How can i get back my 53 crystals + 5 crystals from vDSA? Thank you.
  • Taleof2Cities
    Hey there, @LightningAstros!

    The transmute crystal cap is 200 with ESO+ and 100 without ESO+.

    Any transmute crystals over the cap you will lose.

    So, when you decided not to keep ESO+ after the free trial was over, the cap reverted back to 100.

    No guarantees, but you can try renewing your ESO+ and then sending in a support ticket for the lost stones.

    If you don't want to renew ESO+, you can make 50 stones back pretty quick in-game ... by gaining at least tier 1 rewards on any 30-day campaign in PvP (rewarded at the end of the campaign).

    Edited by Taleof2Cities on January 23, 2018 8:42AM
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