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Store token idea: Cosmetic Pack - Race Change without actually changing race.

Not sure if it's possible, but:
A pack that lets you change your character's physical appearance to that of a different race, without changing racials. So you can take a Khajiit and make them looke Argonian if you want. You still have your Khajiit racials and everything. The same way you can flip between hairstyles or body/facial markings if you own the packs.

I noticed, when making a new character, that I could switch between races and all my sliders and color choices remained. So you can flip between them without looking too freakish, at least in character create.

The biggest flaw I can see with this is that the only two races that end up being created from that point on are Redguard for stam builds and High Elves for magicka. Then people would just make themselves look like the race they prefer. I mean, people kind of already do that, but it would make the problem much worse.
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  • leothedino
    I understand what you mean, but that's just not going to happen. It's not what this game is about, at all.

    When you pick a race, you make a commitment to that race. The racial skills are a very important part of what -makes- that race the people they are. You said it yourself, if this system came out then people would choose whatever was best for their build, as a meta, and then skin over it. Practically making race choice at creation redundant and fundamentally completely useless.

    Besides, the path of least resistances to get what you describe here is to remove racials all together (which would go against the Elder Scrolls theme and setting) and then offer the 'races' as a 'skin pack' as you say. This would negate the thousands of dollars they make a month on the service tokens to change races and appearance, from a financial stand point (regardless of lore and game setting), it would be marketing suicide.
  • SydneyGrey
    I respectfully disagree with leothedino.
    We can already use polymorphs to make our character look like a skeleton, or a goblin, or whatever. What difference does it make if you want to look like an Argonian for a day? I spent a day as a goblin once. It was awesome. Confuses the newbies the first time they see a goblin player character running around a town. LOL. :D
    I think it would be super difficult for them to code that, though, unless you're just talking about a polymorph, but then everyone with that polymorph would all look alike and be wearing the same clothes. (The reason I didn't get the werewolf lord polymorph.)
  • Beardimus
    Polymorphs or some weird gem / magic like the goblin one fine

    But purely cosmetic no. It's like the folks that want to hide vampire. Race should.mean more not less.
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