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Gems and Crown Crates

So, I got an apex mount from the Crown Crates, but it turned into only 132 gems because I already had that mount. Why only 132? I can't even get a different mount for that. That is why so many people hate the Crown Crates. You should give people more Gems for items that they already have. Let us pick out a replacement. A lot of the Crown Crate Hate would go away if you did. It is fun to shop with the Gems. There is still some RNG there. It isn't like you can buy the Special Mounts.
  • H3Li0S
    What did you expect, and 132, not 133.3333333333333 so you get a mount after 3, 132!!!!! Its a cash grab what do you think.

    We can whine all we want, thats how it is and alot of game are doing that and it gotta stop.
    Edited by H3Li0S on January 17, 2018 3:01PM
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