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We need a way to filter for NEW furnishings in the Crown furniture

This applies to both PTS and live. I went on PTS and couldn't filter for the furniture tagged as NEW to look at it. I had to spend a half hour looking and scrolling through every category just to see what was added. I have the same issue on live when I try to search for NEW tagged items.

Please make it so we can search for "NEW" furnishings just by typing the word "new" in the keyword search! A lot of cool new stuff gets overlooked because we can't search for them, especially if it's on a long list that you have to scroll a lot for.
  • SoupDragon
    Yes, please! It takes forever going through everything. Just a marker next to the category (like in the crown store) would be nice.
  • Swimsinwine
    This would so greatly received!
  • manavortex
    Agree, would be nice.
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  • Morgul667
    Yes please
  • Funhammy
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