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The Sirens Rest

Soul Shriven
Greetings roleplayers! The Sirens Rest guild is looking for active and serious roleplayers to join our community!

We are made up of being from all across Tamriel, different beliefs, different styles, different songs and duties and backgrounds! We wanna see you here too!

Things to know about us:
We are mostly set up around a singular RP hub, The Sirens Rest Inn & Tavern (A home owned by one of our guild mates)
We have other RP locations across Tamriel so if you dont want to go to an Inn, many other RP locations are available.
We have QUESTS! Members may post to our discord Quest channel for side quests they wish others to do or to help them with. (AND THEY REWARD YOU)
Grande Guild Quests are in the works by the leadership team, not only to build RP, but to offer more to the game than just random side quests and resource farming.
We also have a text RP channel in the discord, so even if you can't get on in game, you can still RP should you choose.
We also have NON-RP events for the PVE-er in you!
Rules you should know that apply both to discord AND game:
1. Please respect everyones differences, both in character and out.
2. We DO NOT discuss politics and religion in the guild, unless it's the political and religious view pertaining to the Elder Scrolls Universe. Otherwise, leave it for PM.
3. General RP etiquette is expected. (Please no god-modding, perfect character etc.)
4. Please no Drama (whether it be this guild or other guilds) save that for PM! Members found creating drama OOC will be warned, continuing to do so, is cause for removal.
5. This guild is a safe place and is LGBT friendly. I shouldn't have to say anything else.
6. Gossip about other players or guilds is not tolerated, once again, PM's.
7. IN DISCORD we do NOT allow use of the everyone unless given permission to.
8. ERP is allowed, BUT NOT IN THE GUILD HALL. Please use your primary residence for that IN GAME.

Does this sound like something you'd like to do? Great! We want to hear from you! Reply here, send a PM, or throw me a friend invite in ESO @Orbitizer
or throw an invite to our Guild Master @sunnygrace13
We hope to hear from you soon.

And may the Nine bless your travels!(edited)
  • arieadil
    Soul Shriven
    Hi! Are you still accepting new members to the guild?
    Iona Blackthorn - Nord, Ebonheart Pact - Nightblade Assassin/Shadow
  • arieadil
    Soul Shriven
    I'm @arieadil on discord as well (probably the best place to talk for me)
    Iona Blackthorn - Nord, Ebonheart Pact - Nightblade Assassin/Shadow
  • shredingmetal41
    Soul Shriven
    This guild sounds interesting, I am new to ESO, but not new to MMOs or RPING. Currently I am running a Night late class character who is leaning far towards the life of an assassin.
    One thing I did not notice was what platform your guild supports, PC I hope :).
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