Just One Account Locked Campaign, please try it

Fine don't change anything... instead
Just add one 14 day CP - ACCOUNT LOCKED Campaign. You know like it was before One Tamriel ruined the competition, team play, loyalty, sense of accomplishment, role play, rivalries, fairness, etc.... in Cyrodil.

I can almost guarantee that this would be the most popular campaign. One campaign where those of us that do care can fight red vs blue vs yellow like when the game first came out... everyone else can play in the other campaigns, but how about you give us one place where all us nerds "that take the game too seriously" can pretend we are fighting for something again can go....

PS4, btw.
  • Anrose
    You already made this thread. Stahp.
  • Nihilos
    Go outside once in awhile
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  • geonsocal
    assimilation is enivitable :p
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  • laksikus
    there was never account locked campaigns. Not before and not after 1 Tamriel
  • Lordballak69
    laksikus wrote: »
    there was never account locked campaigns. Not before and not after 1 Tamriel

    You used to only have 1 home 1 guest campaign. But unlike now, you could only have 1 faction per account, per campaign. If you wanted to change factions you had to change your home campaign. At that time it cost a lot of ap and had a time limit. Aka 48 hrs before the next change. It eliminated people having 1 of each faction in every campaign.
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