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most used potion

Which potion do you use on your magplar and why?
  • Parrot1986
    Major sorcery magika return/regen and stealth detect think it’s called essence of detection is my most used. The why is I play quite offensively so the sorcery and regen lasts for the duration of the cooldown and when used at the right time the detect gives me an upper hand on nightblades.

    I also at times use immovable pots with immovable, health return and magika return/regen. This can be used more for snares or multiple enemies and provides and nice burst return of health as well
    Edited by Parrot1986 on December 31, 2017 12:38PM
  • Akinos
    1. Tri pots in most situations for the sustain.
    2. Health/magicka/immov pots for pushing into groups
    3. Detect/Immov/magicka pots for finding nightblades and to prevent the stealth stun if they try to fight back once found.
    4. Speed/Stam/Immov pots for running the heck away and for keeping up with the group if i get caught in the back.
    5. Invis/Speed pots for just getting out of really bad situations, or for getting past resource/keep guards.
  • Brutusmax1mus
    ^exactly those for those exact reasons. Besides trash pots whenever needed.
  • AcadianPaladin
    Spellpower potion. Magicka, mag revovery, +20% spell damage. She has plenty of heals but wants what this potion provides.
    PC NA (PvE)
  • SugaComa
    Immovable with health n magica regen for revives in heated battle

    Otherwise I just buy the pots from the seige merch
    Edited by SugaComa on January 2, 2018 3:46AM
  • lazerlaz
    Health, stamina, imov is my bread and butter.
  • TheDoomsdayMonster
    Immovable/Detection almost always for me...

    When I unload my burst on my victim, I don't want it interrupted at all...

    And if I make my opponent flee from me, Detection allows me to track those pesky Nightblades that attempt to get away and reset the fight via stealth...
    Unyeilding Bias
    PSN TheLordofMurder
    PS4 NA
    Magicka Templar
    The Combat Physician:
  • A_G_G_R_O
    Speed immovable stam, never leave home without atleast 1000
    [NA PC] [AD] [A G G R O] - level 50 Stamplar
    [NA PC] [EP] [S M I T E] - level 50 Stamplar
  • Kartalin
    Health/Mag/Immov on magplar, to answer OP's question
    Karllotta, AD Magplar, AR 50
    Kartalin, AD Stamblade, AR 35
    Kharllotta, AD Stamden, AR 32
    Kharinnia, AD MagDK, AR 23
    Tertiary Meat - NA/PC - @ Larinon - Youtube
  • Syiccal
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