Conservatory furnishings take up too much space

I get that the furniture limit is to limit lag that could be caused by overcrowded residences, but like... And yeah, this is kinda another thread about housing limitations... Why do conservatory furnishings take up so much space?

I have Strident Springs Demesne in Reaper's March, and as we know Reaper's March isn't the prettiest location (unless you like that desert-y vibe). Right now I have 98 conservatory furnishings outside to cover up the barren terrain and make it look somewhat populated by plants.

In houses like Strident Springs, where the house take up about a third at most of the total housing area, and the rest is all landscape, I think it would be more fair if conservatory furnishings would take up 1/2 of furnishing slot or 2/3 of a furnishing slot.

And yeah, I get that this may cause lag or something, but if you really want you can put another load screen when entering the main manor like you did when leaving the tomb in Hakvild's High Hall... limit the lag a little if you know what I'm saying. Just a little suggestion.
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  • davey1107
    One, Reapers is not a desert, it’s a sage plain in a hot Mediterranean climate, which is a net annual water gain and a CSa on the Koppen climate scale...duh. Lol, jk. Climate Nerdology.

    I suspect that the slot limits have several,reasons behind them...all about performance. One is that each time you load an instance the system has to custom render all of the individual elements, and as you add more independent items you end up with an exponentially increasing render time. I also suspect that the game engine wasn’t really designed for this feature, and that homesteading has kind of been patchwork built on top of the technology. The way they talk about wanting to expand slots makes me think they know an approach, but that it will take up a lot of time and resources that the penny counters have to budget into an update or expansion.

    I’m hopeful that we will see a big homestead update in the next two updates...but I only base that on it being 1 year since it launched, so it seems like a good time to push some improvements.
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