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CWC STAMPLAR pvp build - high dmg and healing


^^^ i dont have time atm to write up a full build because of school work atm but that is my current builds. Ik it may not suit some people but pvp builds are very personal.

It is a build that relies upon crit alot and both sets, Briarheart and Mechanical synergies together very well. mechanical will help proc briarheart and in return when mechanical is up briarheart will give nice healing returns and dmg meaning you can stay offensive for longer. If you dont want to run briarheart, 7th, Fury and Rav also work. U would just run 2 heavy and 5 medium with it. Although i have and will always love ravanging the heals of briar allow for you to stay on the offensive and also the healing, while it may not look much from briar heart actually helps alot.

If u have any questions feel free to ask.
cba to open link
24k health
33k stam
s/b front 2h back
2k-2.6k regen
3.5k dmg - 4.2k depends how u do glyps and mundus, preference
build uses troll king- defensive undaunted that doesnt have low rng chance and has a low down time.
mechanical, love the set, gives100% critical for 5 sec every 12 sec
briarheart, 10% on doing critical dmg to get 460ish weap dmg for 10 sec and crits heal u for 800 while its up
  • Rohaus
    I agree about Briar set. On Stamplar, it’s awesome!!
    YouTube channel Rohaus Lives!
    Daggerfall Covenant
    VR16 DragonKnight
  • Firstmep
    i was thinking about pairing briar with acuity(already running the latter), hows the healing on briarheart? in pve it heals like 600ish and cant crit ~:S
    I ran a similar skill setup on a 1 shot wonder build using cresent, its pretty good for swallowing healthbars quickly, but i did miss the bigger aoe and stun from DbOs
    Edited by Firstmep on December 29, 2017 9:59PM
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