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High Sierra 10.13.2

Have you guys updated to 10.13.2? Anything we can expect?
  • Arien Larethian (High Elf Templar)
  • Relus Demerdecan (Redguard Dragonknight)
  • Elisia Bonaire (Breton Nightblade)

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  • rampoob16_ESO
    Yes, but nothing changed, same bugs with eso
  • KimberlyannKitsuragi
    I can't even get to the character screen :(
    Feel free to add me. I'm part of the Gummy Guars PC/Mac NA server. Master crafter and working on getting 9 traits on everything
  • smacx250
    I've switched from 10.12 to 10.13 (.2), and I had a little strangeness with video stuff. I used to play windowed fullscreen, but when I tried that the graphics were fuzzy - like it was being scaled. Playing in a window non-fullscreen was fine. Instead of using <cmd>-f to switch from windowed to fullscreen, I clicked the green window button, and then it went fullscreen and was nice and crisp. The side effect is that I get the menu bar if I put the cursor at the top - but that doesn't happen while the mouse is captured, so it isn't a problem (and I actually find it more convenient than switching with <cmd>-f). I've also had my frame rate drop by half a couple of times, but that cleared up with a reboot. Any pointer strangeness I've seen (which hasn't been much - it actually disappears less than with 10.12) can be cleared up by moving the pointer to the top to show the menu bar, and clicking on an empty spot on the bar. This is on a retina Macbook Pro, playing on the built-in display.
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