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''The Slaughter Haus" (Dungeon/Dungeon Training/Social Guild) is recruiting active players!

Calling all Dungeoneers! The Slaughter Haus is a new guild founded with the intention on cutting down on bad pug groups/ making it easier to find a good group to run dungeons with, and also to train newer players in the ways of the DUNGEON!

We are a growing guild with 70+ members with a dream to one day have a full roster! The Slaughter Haus is therefore looking to recruit any active players who enjoy dungeon diving and are willing to stick with the guild to help us grow! Whether you are a new player who is looking to learn the ropes, are just coming back to the game after a long absence and want to catch up on the action, are a seasoned veteran who wants to cut down on pug groups, or are a dungeoneer looking for a safe haven for Werewolves and Vampires alike then The Slaughter Haus has something to offer you!

We are beginning to put together weekly events, from training for new players to crazy Werewolf normal Trial runs! We also have a Discord and a Guild Hall equipped with all the basic crafting stations and Target Skeleton, and even have 2 sister guilds that all members are welcome to join! (The mother guild is a large social/pve/newbie friendly guild, and the other is a casual EP PvP guild).

If you would like an invite, you can send a PM to the inbox of @felicityslaughter ingame or here, or leave your @ name below!
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Hello, my name is Felicity, and I'm an ALT-a-holic.
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