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Error 210 on Launcher (and impossible to open a support ticket)

Soul Shriven
Hello !

I have the traditional Error 210 since 2 days... I tried to restart the launcher and my internet box, I tried to download the file online and to paste it in Launcher/ProgramData as advised, it doesn't change anything. It is a steam game so I cannot execute it in administrator mode. I tried to launch steam in administrator mode (KO), and Bethesda.net_Launcher in administrator mode (KO too). I tried to delete the ProgramData files (KO). The "repair" option has a 210 error too.

The only solution is to execute eso64.exe in administrator mode, but it doesn't allow me to keep the game up to date... can you help me ? :(

I tried 3 times to open a ticket but it seems not to be saved : no ID number, no ticket listed, no mail received. Is there any other way to contact the support and send them the report.txt file ?

Thank you very much !
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