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This or That [questing]

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This or That [questing] 44 votes

Questing in ESO
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Questing in single TES series
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  • zaria
    Questing in single TES series
    I say questing in the single player games is better, not saying ESO quests is bad but you can easy get an questing burnout, doing quest to chill down is nice. In Skyrim you tended to do so much else too but in ESO its easy to get locked into one play style, has to grind to x, has to do pledges has to do quests in zones.
    Now Fallout 4 managed to mess things up so quests in an MMO was good: Its an skill :) (sarcasm)
    Grinding just make you go in circles.
    Asking ZoS for nerfs is as stupid as asking for close air support from the death star.
  • RANKK7
    Questing in single TES series
    I definitely care about my choices in single player games where I can reload if I don't like the outcome, that's all the difference for me; it happened in ESO I gave the wrong answer even because I pushed the wrong button and being impossible to correct the mistake I started to NOT care.
    That begun the day I threatened a harmless merchant because ZOS thought it was a splendid idea to put that answer first where usually the "sell" option is; impossible to undo, ideal walkthorugh ruined, stopped to care about quests outcome.

    "I really don't know who the **** came off with this change. Definitely somebody who does not play the game, that's for sure".
  • mvffins
    For an MMO I would say hands down ESO has the best quests. I think comparing an MMO's quest quality to single players is unfair as it is kind of like comparing apples to oranges in that MMO questing has different parameters they need to follow.
  • AtraisMachina2
    Questing in single TES series
    Bandwagon bull crap if you answer otherwise
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  • VaranisArano
    I don't think anything quite matches up to TES III: Morrowind's approach to questing.

    "Quest markers? You don't need no stinking quest markers! You will listen to directions! And Tribunal forbid you miss the right turn down the foyada at the forked tree...or was that the left turn down the foyada with the forked tree. Does that even count as a forked tree? Well, looks like you'll be wandering in the ashlands for a while, Outlander!"
  • Spaghettiknight
    Questing in ESO
    Questing in ESO. Questing in Oblivion is a close second. These two games have so many interesting quests. I don't like questing in Skyrim because it feels like most quests are just boring fetch quests and exploring Draugr and bandit filled caves. There are some interesting quests in Skyrim, but they're few and far between.

    ESO's quests have a lot more NPC interaction, choices, and there are so msny different ones. Whether you're saving the students of the Aldmeri College, rescuing people from bandits, defeating daedra and cleansing an area or person of evil energy, helping former Argonian slaves get revenge on the family that worked their daughter to death, or just stealing a bottle of expensive wine there are just so many different quests that are much more fleshed out and make the world feel much more alive than other Elder Scrolls games.
    Bandwagon bull crap if you answer otherwise
    What an excellent argument. You sure showed us exactly why questing in the single player games is vastly the superior preference. To think anyone was doubting such an obvious choice, shame on us!
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