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"Login Failed" can't connect to xbox live

Been getting this message for over 3 hours now and still can't log in, I was on just after maintenance for a short time then played another game, my xbox live is fine on all other games and 100% active.

Have hard reset and everything still same error.

I can see friends on my list playing so know it's not game wide.

Is anyone else having this issue ???

@ZOS_GinaBruno do you know of any issues happening or if there's something I can do to sort this out ?
  • ZOS_Bill

    Have you tried re-installing ESO or deleting the local save data as described here?

    If you have and are still encountering issues logging in, you can open a support ticket for further assistance.
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  • goggs25
    I have had this issue since the game come out but this year is the worst only been able to connect 20 times so far this year because of eso.

    Technical support is useless I have done everything in there trouble shooting steps but nothing works

    I have my ports open deleted game and tag even done a factory reset on Xbox one still have issues with this game

    So called support can even tell me why I can't connect to EU server but I can connect to North America server with little trouble I still get login failed with both servers but it happens a lot more with EU then na which makes no sense since I live in the UK
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