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Server crashing or just me

I keep getting kicked and not able to log in with Error 307: Booted from server.
  • phairdon
    Which server?
    Your immersion is breaking my entitlement.
    Buff Sorc's

    Darkshroud the Cremator
    Rubeus Black
    Evil Wizard Lizard
    White Sauce Error
    Flesheater the Vile
    Psijic Gentleman's Sausage

  • rtorlasub17_ESO
    PC NA but I am fine now.
  • eso_lags
    xbox na to. Vivec. it will never work as intended. once i get back in ill be able to successfully play in about 1/10 fights due to unplayable lag..
    eso lags
    XB NA CP 1100+
    PC NA CP 300+
    Broken game

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