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Loading Screen Stuck

Thought I had an infinite load on a loop but, instead, my game appears to be working, can hear sounds of the activities around the wayshrine (mount summons, pet noises, etc) but my graphics are stuck on the load screen.
Meet my characters:
Sorcha Velane | Breton templar healer, Stormproof
Camilla Caro | Imperial sorcerer tank, Master Angler
Aindelwyn | Bosmer nightblade
Bretilde the Unbroken | Nord dragonknight
Adelaisa Loche | Imperial nightblade
Alcaeus Thaevarian | Imperial templar tank
Yrsa Flame-Kissed | Nord warden tank
Nyseilvei | Altmer Maormer sorcerer
Morrigan Le Guen | Breton warden healer
Vycentia Incendus | Imperial dragonknight tank
Naima al-Janir | Redguard warden
Uvrissa Vilandrys | Dunmer dragonknight
Maura Velane | Breton necromancer healer
  • ZOS_BillE
    This issue is frequently caused by an add-on. To resolve your loading issue, uninstall your add-ons. To fully remove your add-ons, do the the following in this specific order:
    1. Exit the game
    2. Navigate to C:\Users\<username>\Documents\Elder Scrolls Online\live in windows explorer
    3. Rename Addons to Addons.old
    4. Rename SavedVariables to SavedVariables.old
    5. Check in-game to see if the if the issues persist.

    If the issue does not persist, then one of your add-ons is creating the issue. Try re-enabling your preferred add-ons one-by-one in order to determine which is causing the problem.

    If issues persist:
    1. Open the game and go to the settings menu [Esc].
    2. Go to each subsection, Social, Gameplay, etc. and reset all settings to defaults.
    3. Once this is done, try starting the game again.

    If after resetting to default and clearing your add-ons and the issue continues, turn off your PC completely, reboot your router and try again.
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