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Fluffy Kittens - Fishing Guild (PC-NA)

Hi everyone!

Fluffy Kittens is a new start up guild with a focus on getting that Master Fisher achievement.

The fastest way to get those rare fish is to fish in groups of 3 and it can often be hard to find people in zone chat. That's where we come in and you can simply ask around in the guild chat where you can find likely minded people!

- No requirements
- Friendly environment
- Fishing events to come in the future

We are also a general social guild and for any PvE content such as dungeons and open world content.

Pst @Furcula or @SparkleTheCat or send them an ingame message for invite.
  • VirtualElizabeth
    Love the name!!!
    Eleanour Masterham - Breton Templar
    Elise Masterham - Breton Magicka Nightblade
    Elinora Valen - Dunmer MagDK
    Elsa Masterham - Breton Mag Warden
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