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What is going on ?

This is a fricken joke now. What is up with the load screens and the disconnects? Why am I paying to play a game that I can’t even log into ? Every patch that comes out is all about Pve. How about spending some money and fix the pvp issues we’ve been having for years now. You keep pushing us off and do nothing but put little bandaids on the problems. A lot of us don’t play pve and a lot of us PAY you every month. FIX it already.
  • FireAngelDth
    Soul Shriven
    I can’t even get logged into my character long enough to do anything right now
  • Sant1ago88
    Soul Shriven
    Do not worry, they are not going to do anything. The maximum that they can offer, this is another event with unnecessary trash, that would keep people in the game. That's just it bothered, not only that the pvp content in the game is poorly developed, so they also finished off it with constant lags. As Boris Yeltsin said in disgrace when leaving Russia's presidency, "I'm tired, I'm leaving ..". Here I am, I'm tired. Like a bunch of other players, regardless of nationality. To endure this is more impossible. Goodbye eso, goodbye to the worst company you have come across. I'm sure we will not see each other again. To all the rest I wish patience and I hope one day all alliances will unite and give battle to zenimax online. Gl, try to have some fun)
  • Bhaal5
    Server quality is a joke, think it may actually be beyond them on how to fix it.
    -Every new dlc and event, another break.
    -Pvp cant reach its full penitential as the campaign system is laughable, and the lag/disconnects are a joke. (Pvp could be good, if they wanted it to be)

    A little bit of time and money spent in infrastructure may actually fix these issues may actually keep players from posting these sorts of threads every day
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