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So was anyone else massively disappointed with the ending of the main quest? More specifically...

Dapper Dinosaur
Dapper Dinosaur
When you finally get to meet and reclaim your soul, it's just a white featureless mannequin? There was a similar problem with the Nightblade's Shades ability, where no matter what your character looked like, the shades were bald featureless dummies. This was later rectified to summon argonian or khajiit shades if you were a beast race. As an Argonian, I at LEAST expected my soul to have an argonian body, but this extends even farther than that.

Why didn't they have our soul generate as a clone of ourselves with some shiny particle fluff added onto it? They surely have the tech, and it would make that moment have so much more weight. Imagine what it would have been like to walk up to yourself from behind, and your soul is scripted to turn around and do some kind of cheeky greeting or other emote before you join back up. It would have been so epic.

I just don't think that a game reminding you over and over and over again throughout the entire main story and multiple quests/dialogue options that your soul is disconnected from your body and then, after all that hype about reclaiming your soul, you meet a blank white crash dummy instead of anything even remotely like yourself is possibly the laziest way Zenimax could have handled it.
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  • Shezzarrine
    It could have lore reasons, lots of things do that you would be supprised to find out. First thing that comes to mind is that the Heroes in each game are basically featureless in the lore, meaning nothing is really detailed about them except for their exploits in the main quest. That is obviously a lore extension of being able to continue a story even when a player has choices, but has become something a bit more. Also something that comes to mind is that souls aren't really your own, each soul is a fragment of a divine being's soul from the creation of Mundus with the exception of Argonians (not 100% sure on their soul lore). This means that most individuals souls could be basically the same, hence the featureless soul.

    Of course I'm sure that's all BS and they really were just lazy, but it doesn't seem like that complex of a thing to do.
    If anyone else has some metaphysical lore explanations please share!
  • TheValar85
    well according to my occult knowledge souls does interact with the enviroment around it, and it DOES have features as well.
    I have studied this subject in the higest level including soul anatomy. Theres are real subjects in a real univeristy in my country. teher are only 3 univeristy wich teaches this subjects, and other occult subjects as well. Including Theology and so on. So yes it was a bit lazyish form ZOS. :)
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  • VaranisArano
    In the Dawnguard expansion to Skyrim, we see several souls in the Soul Cairn that do resemble the people they were in life (allowing for differences in graphic quality between Morrowind and Skyrim in the case of St. Jiub). So I do think its a pity that they couldn't render a clone of our character to be our soul.
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