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I have an email that is currently outdated and I was wondering if I can change the email address linked with my xbox one account for NA??
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  • ZOS_Bill
    If you would like to change your ESO account email address, follow the steps below:
    1. Sign in to your ESO account here.
    2. Under Account Info, select Edit Account Info.
    3. Select the EDIT button next to your current email address.
    4. Enter your new email address, answer secret question, and click SAVE.
    5. Check the email account associated with your ESO account for the required Access Code.
      • This will be sent to your old / current email address.
    6. Enter the Access Code.
    7. This confirmation will automatically log you out of the account page.
    8. Check your new ESO account email for an Activation email and follow the instructions.
    9. Sign back in to your account to confirm that change to email address associated with your account has occurred.

    You will now have a new email associated with your ESO account.
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