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Crowns not being paid Xbox

So for the third month in a row I haven’t been paid crowns for my eso plus sub. I’ve had to get in touch with support and after a bunch of email have finally got them to send them through.

But now this time, I can’t get help from anyone. The support page takes me to Xbox support, which doesn’t help, ive lodged two tickets in game and I’ve sent emails to the support line.

But no-one is getting back to me! Any tips for getting onto someone about this? It’s so frustrating chasing this up every month!
  • JoffyToffy69
    I wish there was a way to track this too. I'm not sure if I've been getting mine or not either...
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  • kitsune_beth
    They still haven't fixed this problem?
    I was having this problem a couple of years ago. I decided to cancel my sub, I got so sick of having to chase it up every month with completely unhelpful people.
  • Markdechene1
    It’s so annoying. Why is it so hard to speak to someone in support!!??
  • NewBlacksmurf
    Quit subbing and save your sanity.....the game is much more njoyable without this made me very negative towards ZOS
    My experience was over 16 months
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  • Markdechene1
    Oh man yeah that’s depressing. Yeah I’m thinking I’ll have to cancel. Crazy that it’s this difficult
  • ZOS_Bill

    We have sent you a PM to follow-up regarding your crown issue.
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  • SilkySte
    What about the rest of us? What is the solution / process for us to get what we are paying for please? I have also sent messages but not had any reply. Also I would like to know If I can have a history of crowns allocated? And payments made (although payments made I can get from my credit card company) and crowns spent please? Because I believe I have been paying but not receiving crowns, this should be a simple SQL query or similar code to extract this data.
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