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Question about Obtaining Mounts and Horse Variations

Hi everyone! Sorry in advance if these have already been answered - as they probably have.

So here are my question(s),

1.) I finally discovered a stable where I can purchase a horse for in-game gold. Are these four the only types/colorations avaliable in the game, or are there multiple stables with different colorations?

2.) Also, I noticed the mounts that are avaliable to purchase with crowns. Is there anyway to obtain these through an in-game quest or through in-game gold?

3.) Finally, are there any particular mounts that aren't avaliable with crowns/in-game gold? - That is, they're exclusive to completing a certain quest, etc.

I feel so slow walking/running around, haha. Currently, I'm saving up to purchase a 10k gold horse, but I was wondering what my options were. Eventually, I think I'll end up subscribing to ESO+ and utilizing the crown store.

Thanks a bunch! After initially feeling iffy about ESO I'm really excited to give it another shot. I've already played a few hours and I'm really enjoying it. :)
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  • Loc2262
    Hey there! No worries, ask away. :)

    1. All stables in the game offer the same four horses, those that you've seen. There are many more mounts though, mostly sold in the Crown Store (i.e. for real-life money). Some were given to beta testers or long-time players as rewards. Mounts can't be "colored", they always have the coloration you see when you buy them.
    2. Not that I know of.
    3. There are mounts that are Crown Crate (basically gambling for items) exclusive, i.e. you have a tiny chance to get them when purchasing those crates.

    Don't be disappointed when you get your first horse, because before leveling it up, it gallops more slowly than a stamina player can sprint. ;)

    You can train one of three horse skills, speed, carry capacity (increases the player's inventory limit) and stamina (prevents you from being thrown off the horse then hit) once per day. So it takes a long time before the horse is really fast.

    I'd recommend, for those phases when you need to travel a lot, to get yourself five pieces of the "Darkstride" set, with the "well-fitted" trait, and enchant it with all max stamina, and get the medium armor sprinting passives. Then get the skill Rapid Maneuver from Cyrodiil (you get that for completing the introduction quest, without the need to do actual PvP) which gives you Major Expedition. Additionally and optionally something that gives Minor Expedition (Hurricane if stamsorc, or the "Jailbreaker" set from Banished Cells).

    All that together greatly increases your sprinting speed, and lets you sprint (by popping stamina potions as required) for more than a minute without running out of stamina.
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    Kind regards,
    PC-EU, 12 chars, 900+CP
  • davey1107
    Some mount tips

    - most special mounts are sold for crowns. However, rarelymthere are ways to get them outside the crown store. For example, the Skyrim special edition on consoles had a code for a free horse in eso...if you own that it might have a code for you.

    - the only difference between mounts is their look. They all perform the same, so other than looking cool buying a crown mount doesn’t get you anything.

    - mounts are account-bound, which means once you get a mount (from anywhere, stable or crown store) any character on your account can use it.

    - however, a mount’s upgrades are character bound. Each character can spend 250 in game gold once per day to increase their mount’s speed, stamina or carrying capacity (that character’s bag size). Each of these can be increased up to 60 times. So let’s make that a bit clearer. Let’s say you have John and Ted as characters, and John spends 10k to unlock the basic mount. John then starts spending to increase that mount’s speed, once per day for several days and now the mount has a speed rating of 15.

    Ted can use that mount without spending anything else. He just goes into the collections menus and enables it. However, he doesn’t share the speed upgrades so his mount is speed 0 and he would have to start spending daily to upgrade his own mount. On John’s side, the money he has spent on the 15 upgrades is good on any of his mounts, so say a cool crown store mount comes along and you buy and activate it. It will have the same speed 15 rating that the horse did.

    - mounts get an appearance change when each of the upgrades hits 20. For example, at carry capacity 20 they get saddlebags. You can turn each of these off in the gameplay options menu if you don’t like them.

    - aside from the upgrades, a mount’s speed and stamina is connected to your characters speed and stamina. Even if you never spend on upgrades, a level 45 character will ride way faster than a level 10 character. So if you get a mount and it seems slow, don’t worry, they speed up a lot.

    - like the other poster says, go get rapid’s a skill that boosts your speed, amd can be used on a mount. It’s very helpful when exploring. To get it, when you hit level 10 go into Cyrodiil (any campaign). At your base you will get a intro quest that takes three minutes and shows you around. The quest turnin will be enough AP to give you Alliance War rank 2, which unlocks retreating maneuver in the assault skill line. You also get a skill point for leveling up Alliance war, so you have one to spend on the skill.
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