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Quick Question on Servers and DLC

Hi, Xbox player here. Back when Orsinium first came out I bought the dlc and got the bear mount and cub for my characters. I was using the EU servers back then, but since meeting new players and working night hours, I switched to the NA servers where the activity matches my own. It was a bit surprising that the DLC was server-locked rather than account-locked, so that despite having bought it, only my EU server characters have access to the dlc.

It's not a huge problem as I'm now an ESO Plus member so have played it since, but I'm wondering if there was a way for me to access that content without having to re-purchase the dlc. I just miss my bears, you know?

The odd thing is that the scenario is different for the Imperial Edition. That was my first ever dlc purchase for the game back in '14 as I needed to play as an Imp and wanted the crab and horse. I was exclusively EU in those days, didn't move to NA until this year just after the Jester's Fest but both NA and EU server characters have access to the crab and horse. Why is one dlc account locked while the other is server locked?

Thanks guys :)
  • davey1107
    I’m not sure I can completely answer your questions...the Imperial is a bit of a mystery. What I know on PS4 (and I think Xbox works the same) is that Sony and MS have rules that are different between content bought on a disc and stuff bought in the crown store.

    I believe (but have never tested) that if you bought the gold edition disc - the gold edition has four DLCs, the ones in the crown store mega-pack -that playing from that disc would unlock those DLCs on any account, somthat you’d have them on both the NA and EU servers. This is because Sony and MS require game sharing for disc based games. But when they sell it through a digital,store it can be account bound. Again, I’m not 100% sure on this, but I think when I first p,shed it was on my friends PS4 and I had access to the DLC’s from his gold edition.

    And that leads me to think that this might explain the Imperial issue too. Back at release it was sold in the Sony and XBox stores, not the crown store. Being sold by Sony/MS, it probsbly had the game sharing rules apply to it so that it’s now unlocking for you.
  • VaranisArano
    The Imperial Edition was sold by account, not the crown store, so it isn't server bound. The Imperial City DLC, now, purchased separately, would be server bound.

    A more detailed explanation from Community Ambassadors here:
  • PawPrints
    Thank you Davey and Varanis :) very helpful and I understand it now. Seems I got lucky when I got the Imperial Edition! I think I may get those bears for the NA server while they're still reduced :D
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