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Morrowind beds...I gotta ask.

So when the dev team was creating the hlaalu and redoran furnishings and noticed that the beds look almost exactly the same...or when they were creating a plan for the same house style with one that has one pillow and another with two didn’t occur to them to instead create two copies with different colored sheets?? Like, “if we’re going to make a second plan where we toss on a second pillow, why don’t we spend the three seconds in photoshop to turn the blanket blue instead of green?”

I always wonder this when making beds to sell.
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  • Linaleah
    actualy... both beds come in one and 2 pillow variants. but they are indeed different. redoran bed has plainer looking sheets and pillows, while hlaalu comes with embroidered (or embossed?) design. its not even the same shade of green. I suppose the differences could be more obvious but its still not as similar as redoran vs hlaalu benches and chairs.
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