LOTH' NA Caverns STILL BUGGED over a YEAR Later

I guess I have to keep bringing this up. Loth Na caverns in craglorn is still bugged over a year later. You go in, defeat the boss and get credit for beating the delve you get achievements. However,you do not get credit under upper craglorn cave delver even though on the list it says that Loth Na is the only one I am missing. This also bugs other subsequent achievements such as craglorn master explorer. You guys fixed this for the people who had the issue in howling sepulcher, why do we have to wait over a year for a simple fix? For achievement hunters this bug is extremely frustrating. More so, that no feedback about it has been posted.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Hey @irstarkey57, we looked into this and were able to unlock the achievements successfully. Do you have any more information about this? Is anyone else running into a similar issue?
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  • WyndStryke
    > Loth Na caverns in craglorn is still bugged over a year later.

    Just going out on a limb here ... is it possible that some of your completions were with 'old' craglorn, and some with the new version of craglorn? (The new craglorn was actually a new zone 'under the hood', so I'm wondering if the achievement system is getting confused).

  • feyii
    I have only started to complete Craglorn delves this year. Did it with two characters and neither had any problems with the achievements for them.

    But I think the question @WyndStryke asked is interesting. I remember doing a few Craglorn delves (on another character than the two from this year) before the zone became solo friendly and in some you had to defeat multiple bosses before it was completed. Now only one of the bosses has to be defeated, so there might be a chance the system gets confused if you had some achievements before the change.

    Another thing that comes to mind, since I don't remember, if Loth'Na was one of the delves with multiple bosses - @irstarkey57 are you sure you defeated the correct boss? In case you are playing on PC, do you use an addon like Destinations which can show you the delve boss locations? If not, you might want to try it and check the delve again, just to be sure.
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  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I have a similar issue on one of my characters but in his case it is the Howling Sepulchres which is not showing as complete under the Upper Craglorn Cave delver achievement.


    I'm confident that this character did all the Upper Craglorn content after the changes.

  • Enodoc
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    I'm not sure of the technical process behind how one achievement affects another, but it couldn't hurt to go back into the delves and make sure you kill all the relevant bosses again.

    (For Loth'Na, this is Visskar; for Howling Sepulchers, this is Akiirdal and Rosathild.)
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  • RaddlemanNumber7
    I'm certain went back and killed the bosses in Howling Sepulchres again when this happened a year ago, but it was a year ago.

    So, I went back and did it again last night and it worked :)

    That character now has the Upper Craglorn Cave Delver and Master Explorer achievements.

    I guess something changed.
  • irstarkey57
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Hi Gina, thanks for the response. I have made a thread 3 months and 6 months ago and I have heard from only a few other people with this issue. I have the achievement for completing Loth Na caverns and beating Visskar. Then I go under Upper Craglorn Cave delver and Loth Na Caverns is shown as I completed. It seems like it is the same issue that happened to people in Howling Sepulchers. I have gone back every patch and beat Visskar but the achievement stays the same. Which makes sense since the Loth Na cavern achievement itself shows as completed. The upper craglorn cave delver achievement just doesn't recognize it and subsequently craglorn master explorer can't be triggered. : / Again, thank you for your reply. I will check again and see if anything has changed.
  • grassbie
    Soul Shriven
    @ZOS_GinaBruno Hello Gina! I can confirm I've experienced the same issue three days ago. I have killed Visskar and completed Loth'Na Caverns--and the "Loth'Na Caverns Explorer" achievement was marked correctly, but the delve remains uncleared under the "Upper Craglorn Cave Delver" achievement, so that and the "Upper Craglorn Master Explorer" one has not been marked as completed. After I have discovered that, I've completed "Dawn of the Exalted Viper" quest and killed the delve boss again in the span of the last few days, but none of these activities has marked that delve as completed under the mentioned achievement. As the maintenance is over, I will try again tomorrow. Anyway, thanks for looking into that!
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  • irstarkey57
    @ZOS_GinaBruno I went back and tried to complete Loth Na caverns. Before I did though, I checked to see if the achievement was reset as you mentioned. It wasn't. It still said O had completed Loth Na Caverns but under Upper Craglorn cave delver it was still "greyed out." So I went, again, to kill Visskar and nothing happened. Not sure where to go from here. Been reporting this for over a year now. : / Any help is much appreciated.
  • irstarkey57
    @ZOS_GinaBruno I went and did this on my stam sorc (not my main) and I got the achievement. Not sure why it is bugged for my mag dk. I have the achievement for beating Loth Na but the upper craglorn cave delver achievement doesn't accept it. : /
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