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Campaign Rewards - transmute crystals only for losing side?

This seemed a bit odd, just wondering if it was perhaps intended that the winning side should also receive crystals?

I received 50 transmute crystals in the reward mail for losing faction, but none for the winning faction reward.
  • Kartalin
    All sides receive crystals. When the DLC dropped I had characters from the Sotha Sil campaign, one of each faction actually, that I had not logged into since the previous campaign had ended and received mails for each that contained 50 crystals.
    Karllotta, AD Magplar, AR 50
    Kartalin, AD Stamblade, AR 35
    Kharllotta, AD Stamden, AR 33
    Milthalas, AD Magblade, AR 23
    Tertiary Meat - NA/PC - @ Larinon - Youtube
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