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An explanation: An Elder Scrolls Story

This happened two days ago, and I decided to write this and share it with all of you. I'll admit this seems like a 4chan story though, or something someone would animate on YouTube. I know this doesn't look related to ESO, but it is.

I need to preface the story with a lot of details so here goes: I work at McDonald's in a Wal-Mart (unnecessary detail, but whatever), I was working a pre-close shift which means I work right before close happens and I prep for tomorrow, but stocking, cleaning things, putting up chairs, changing garbages, etc. My shift is supposed to end at 8:30 pm. Proof: As you can see I don't normally work pre-close.

Next, my college is on strike, the union that represents the professors has declared no school, so I'm not currently in classes so I do have more open availability. My managers know where I go to school so they know I don't have homework or class to's the proof:

Lastly, where I work, there are a lot of people that aren't born in Canada, English is not their first language, but they do speak it, they just don't understand everything right away.

It's a normal Friday night at McDonald's, however someone did not show up for their shift for Kitchen (the person who makes food), I'm a Front Cash person. Not the most untypical thing to happen, but I already thought they would ask me to stay, but I couldn't. This is where Elder Scrolls Online factors in, the trial guild that I am with has their guild runs at 8:30 pm every night. As you saw with my schedule I don't usually work pre-close so I can make the guild runs. I committed to doing a guild run on Friday night, I told them that I would be late because I get off at 8:30, but I live close and it only takes like 5 minutes to drive home.

As I'm cleaning the different *** in the back, they ask me if I can stay until 10:00pm tonight.
I literally said "Ummm, I don't think I can sorry."
So I couldn't lie and say that I have homework or class at the time, because of the strike.
She replied: "Pleaseeee, what are you doing, you could make some extra money."
I responded: "Sorry, I can't I have a guild run tonight I can't."

Then I proceeded to try and explain what Elder Scrolls Online was and how you join a guild to complete end game content. Then they're staring back at me like I'm creating the most elusive lie to not work later. First I tried to compare it to Skyrim or Oblivion, but no one had heard of it or played it.
Then I tried to show them discord on my phone to show that I signed up as a DPS for the trial at 8:30pm and that I was already going to be late.

I guess they got tired of asking me to stay late so I ended up getting to go home and make it to the trial. GG me. ESO is life.
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  • thomas1970b16_ESO
    You should shift your priorities.
  • Ratzkifal
    More money = more crowns
    more crowns = more ESO
    more ESO = win
    Edited by Ratzkifal on November 17, 2017 1:29AM
    This Bosmer was tortured to death. There is nothing left to be done.
  • Cadbury
    You wouldn't have this problem if you worked at Burger King.
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  • DarcyMardin
    OK, now imagine this happening to a 70 yr old female. Not working at McD’s of course, but explaining this sort of thing to my daughter, who is not a gamer, is surprisingly tough: “Sorry, I can’t babysit....Granma’s got a raid tonight.”
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