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Wrothgar daily delves

So, I've been away for a bit and it looks like the Wrothgar daily delves are now shareable? Are they still dropping Trinimac?
  • Nestor
    I have not tried to share a Delve Daily in a long time. There is nothing in the recent patch notes to say this has changed, so it might be a glitch. Although other adventure zones delve dailies are shareable. I will have to test this tonight.

    And, yes there is a chance to get Trinimac Motif Chapters from them.
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  • MasterSpatula
    Yes, but sharing is a little glitchy right now. Once you've done a daily, you're not going to be able to pick up another, even if the one you did wasn't your quest for the day.
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  • oldskoorpg74
    Thanks, I just noticed we couldn't get another so I suppose the sharing is just for ease.
  • BenevolentBowd
    ZOS recently made the Delve quests shareable. The glitches mentioned above were fixed earlier this week.
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