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Farming ruby ash

Anybody know a good place to farm wood? Looking for resins and need to farm a few hundred.
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  • doslekis
    I've found that nodes spawn in their appropriate environment. <if that's not already obvious>.

    Forests and trees drop wood, mountains and mines drop ore, and plains and grasslands drop flowers.

    While I'm not going to share my particular farming locations, you're best bet is to check places like grahtwood with dense forests.

    Go at an off hour, when few players are on and try to find node dense areas, return to the same place many times until you have the spawns memorized and you develop a route.

    I have several places where I've memorized spawns for about 30 or so nodes and I hop between each one. I'm pretty sure there's an add-on that maps nodes you've found but unfortunately I'm on console so I have to do it the good old fashioned way.

    Happy farming!
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  • Eatmyface
    You can farm them pretty well from my guild trader (currently in wayrest).

    All jokes aside, here's my best farming spot.............. Because I really want 100 people running around there 10 minutes after posting this reply.

  • Banana
    Craglorn. Bonus nirn if ya lucky
  • Integral1900
    Confused cat is confused...

    Never farmed it, just picked up what I found, it’s getting rid of it that’s the hard part :D

    Rivenspire is a great place for it, if by some miracle your short, pilled up so much timber there I started selling it to npcs because it wouldn’t shift on the eldenroot guild store no matter how cheap it was
  • Wreuntzylla
    Gold coast near the west shore.
  • lientier
    I like the gold coast for wood. Anyway, make sure you pick up any! ressource, because the ressources respawn is related to the amount of ressources in that area at that moment. ;)
    PC-EU @lientier
  • Narvuntien
    I get it from my daily writ surveys
  • Tasear
    Just a side note grathwood is a bad location.Too far apart and too little for a forest.
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  • Jim_Pipp
    Kanar wrote: »
    Guys did you forget the first rule of Harvest Club?

    Is it treat others how you would like to be treated?

    The answer people don't want to give you is the Jerall mountain logging camp.

    It is a mini zone only accessible at a certain point in the dark brotherhood questline. Despite that you will often find a few pepole aggressively farming the area because it is simply the best for wood nodes.
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  • lientier
    PC-EU @lientier
  • victoriana-blue
    I find a lot of wood in zones where there are lots of people, but not many farmers: try Glenumbra, Stormhaven, and Deshaan.
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  • Obsidian3
    Eastmarch is good, a lot of wood around Cradle Crush and around the Logging camp. Khenarthi's Roost is also a good place for wood.
  • Dracofyre
    wrothgar, gold coast, vvardenfall, and newly added zone CW-City all have unique dropped specific style materials you need for craftings.

    Eastmarch and Rivenspire seem to have more wood density and EASY to see them, as others said, make a routine pattern as you circle back to previously harvested, some respawn within 10 mins average. dont worry if there is other gatherers around. just make adjustment.
  • Lucasalex92
    WacArnold wrote: »
    Anybody know a good place to farm wood? Looking for resins and need to farm a few hundred.

    ruby ash craglorn its more than any other mat node !
  • Caleb_Kadesh
    The best place to farm is 憆::†§¤¤¤¤ð on the east side by the þÞæß. Hope that helps. :smiley:
  • Apache_Kid
    I always see a lot on beaches. Supposed to be driftwood I'd imagine.
  • Stopnaggin
    Any coast line will net you plenty. Wood is easy to get, I run around the outside of Auridon for what it's worth.
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