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[Dagerfall Covenant] [Looking for PVP GUILD]

Hi, I am from DC faction, looking for a good pvp guild. Looking for those doing cyrodill, battlegrounds, campaigns, anything pvp-related to be honest

My id is @wondertroll

Any 1 looking for pvpers?
  • ThePaulinator
    Soul Shriven
    Me too. Surprisingly hard to find a PvP guild.
  • Corphious
    Hello, wondertroll!
    I just replied to Paulinator, but I will send you the same information too! We have just started recruiting for PvP exclusively on DC. We are a guild that covers all factions and skill levels, but we are starting with our DC PvP team first as our focus. We currently have 2 or 3 that want to do some PvPing under the DC banner. Take a look at Damage Inc’s recruitment post) is a multi-gaming community that caters to many needs. We are rebuilding our guild within Elder Scrolls. Take a look at our recruitment page and you can reply to the post, send me a forum message or send me (@toxicenigma) an in-game friend invite (with a small note of where you found us) and we can get you started on a guild invite.
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    Damage Incorporated
  • Tsizara
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