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Looking for a EU Time zone based guild

Soul Shriven
Im Living in Europe and looking for a more EU based guild, who do evening runs (19.00-20.00 GMT)
Im already been in some guild but becease im from Europe it seems hard to find a guild that do runs at EU evening time.

So if you have a place for me contact me here or ingame.
  • Zippy81
    It's a guild I'd gladly join too, especially for trials starting around 9pm CET/3pm EST. Is there a guild like that around?
    Kind regards,
  • Corphious
    Hello, Alexcia!
    I currently run a guild that has members worldwide. We are small right now but are expanding. Currently, I have members that represent the US, Brazil, Iran, China, and Finland. There are players on at various times of the day and night (I guess depending on where you are in the world), but I am playing from U.S. Eastern. I do most of the event hosting, but I try to do more events on the weekend when I can so that we can all get a little time to do things as a guild. Check us out if you are still looking for a guild, take a look at Damage Inc’s recruitment post) is a multi-gaming community that caters to many needs. We are rebuilding our guild within Elder Scrolls. Take a look at our recruitment page and you can reply to the post, send me a forum message or send me (@toxicenigma) an in-game friend invite (with a small note of where you found us) and we can get you started on a guild invite.
    You too, @Zippy81
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