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Madeleine Clayre - Character Background & Concept

Soul Shriven

I'm a bit new to ESO (previously mainly RP'ed a bit in warcraft and lord of the rings online).
This concept is my first eso-built character with a real attempt to make a a background, so please write me if I made something wrong :)
Name: Madeleine Clayre
Race: Breton
Age: 27
House: a lesser (now extinct) branch of house Montclair.
Lord Richarl (deceased) - Father
Lady Lerissa (deceased) - Mother
Ferwin (probably deceased as well) - elder brother.

Madeleine was the younger daughter of Lord Richarl Montclair, a lesser relative (second cousin) of Lord Wylon Montclair. Her mother, Lerrisa, was an artisan in Wayrest, rumored to have a larger amount of elven blood then most Bretons does. Madeleine was 10 years old when the Ransar war began, and her father (like other Montclairs) fought under the banner of king Ransar.
Madeleine and her mother were late to evacuate from Wayrest after Ransar declared war , and barely escaped - she can still remember almost being caught by a big, ugly redguard thug named Ajul, demanding to "play with this girl".
Madeleine father was slain in the battle of the Markwasten moor, as he fought tooth-and-nail to protect king Ransar's flank. Later, Madeleine was told that he fell to a huge orcish champion (hadn't found a proper name yet), her eldest brother never returned as well, counted by all dead as well).

One of Lord Richarl's knight, Sir Ciril Krelheim, fled into a small, windswept stongholm in the mountains, and took his lord's wife and daughter with him, before Emeric's soldiers would capture and slay them, or toss the young girl to redguard / orcish slavers. Sadly, the delicate lady Lerissa didn't survived long in this harsh, cold exile, and passed away few months later.
Madeleine grew up with Sir Kelheim and his two sons, Winsarl and Nirlarn. Ciril told her that her father was a great noble swordsman, that fought bravely against the filthy, traitorous hordes of the covenant, and trained her in swords, telling that she inherited his deceased friend's talent.
As a teenager, she felt desperate love to the handsome Windsal, and he was fond of her as well at the start - but that changed quickly as she grew up and revealed her talent in swordplay and lesser magical abilities - as the years passed by, he broke her heart and openly resented her.

Few years later, Ciril suddenly caught a plague and died. Though Madeleine believes that he was poisoned by an agent of the covenant, dark rumors told that it was the work of one of Lord Wylon Montclair's vampires, as the shadowy lord was displeased about Sir Krelheim refusing to swear loyalty to him.
Young Winsarl, that was now the new master of the house, made a deal with Montclair's men to pass Madeleine into their hands (it seems he didn't know that lord Wylon was a vampire), telling Madeleine that she will be better with her powerful relative, hinting that he might sooner or later raise arms again against the hated Emeric and the redguard and orcish filth he allied himself with.

Madeline was taken into a carriage, in her way to her "beloved relative" - and was saved from a certain dark end of turning into a blood sucking monstrosity by an Altmer adventurer that was hanging in the nearby land, and knew Ciril well (later, there could be hints that he was not a "simple" adventurer, but rather linked to the 'eyes of the queen'). Be it one way or the other, the elf ambushed the carriage and slaughtered Wylon's henchmen, showing Madeleine what they really were. when she understood that she was fooled by vampires, she drew her sword and helped her savior in the battle.
Madeleine ended in Vulkal guard, nearly penniless and alone, as her savior only left her with a purse of coins and some good words to a local owner of a sailor tavern. Bitter, full with anger and hatred to the king that (so she thinks) married a redguard pig and responsible for all the misery her family was put through, she is trying to make a living as a mercenary, more then willing to lend her sword and magic to the Dominion (as she is quiet fond of elves, and hadn't met the veiled ones yet) - or anyone that fights the hated daggerfall covenant.

note: ingame, she is a Breton, but made and belongs to the the Dominion faction

here it ends for now.
Thanks for reading :-)
  • Amnastaria
    Soul Shriven
    Right now, my turncloak Breton mercenary is seeking empolyment under the banner of the Dominion.
    (Prefered - anything involved with killing redguards and orks. Madeleine's sword is thirsty, and her money pouch is too thin).
    (ooc): Still looking for some RP opportunities fitting my characters story.
    Edited by Amnastaria on November 2, 2017 1:57PM
  • Gan Xing
    Gan Xing
    A little heads up, there are others who claim to be in the Montclaire family. They may take less kindly to your choices.

    Gan Xing - Crafting Nightblade
    Elrana Tinuviel - Hybrid Dragonknight
    Elentári Peregrine - Sorcerer "bank"
    Rán Xīng - Hybrid Templar
    Laurïsil Imlachwen - Stamina Templar
    Helotë Tinuviel - Hybrid/Magicka Warden
    Odin banker - obv banker
    Yan of the Red Mountain - lvl 3 DK - not sure when I will work on em

    Seeks the unusual and unique playstyles...
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