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So much to do and so little time!

Soul Shriven
So I came back to ESO after a long vacation (a little more than a year) and in the meantime i was away LOTS of changes happen in ESO. Last DLC i played was when Dark Brotherhood just released.

And starting back again with SO MUCH STUFF TO DO and SO MANY CHANGES that i don't even know how to start. I was wondering, what's more important? make gold to get a fine gear and a decent inventory space (won't buy ESO Plus yet for crafting bag)? Level up? Hunt skyshards to get max skill points? Are guild quest a priority? what quests are more important to and productive to do? I dislike some quests that takes you to talk to every NPC for uncertain purpose.

So, in your opinion, what's a good way to come back to ESO and don't get all overwhelmed with new changes?
  • Jim_Pipp
    Make a build you enjoy playing, because with a strong build you can do all of the rest much more easily.

    It is really easy to find the gear you want (not necessarily with the traits you want) so I would prioritise buying bank and bag space over buying gear - the main reason is because inventory management is horrible in eso (and the main advantage of eso plus is that it makes it less horrible) so more space is less headaches and more time to actually play.

    Welcome back to the game, I hope you'll post here to say what you think of the changes.
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  • AcadianPaladin
    Relax, take your time and enjoy! Some things are great to start early because they take a long time. If you intend to craft gear, begin researching early. Begin horse upgrades early. Join the Mages Guild early to begin getting credit for any of their books you encounter. Join the Fighters Guild early so that any daedra you kill exploring count toward leveling that.

    One thing I do is as soon as able (L10 I think) join the Undaunted and grab a daily delve quest from them each day. It is a slow, steady way to level up the Undaunted skill line - use friends to help you initially get to nearby wayshrines first time for the 15 delves involved. The Undaunted will only give you delves each day in your own alliance until you reach level 50; after that, the rest on the list of 15 are randomly assigned as well. Takes 200 'Undaunted rep' to go up a level and each daily gives you 10 - as I said, slow, steady but easy and fun.
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  • davey1107
    Based on your list, my advice is to prioritize fun over chores. Does your character need skill points? If yes, go get sky shards. If not, don’t do that unless you’re having fun doing it. If you need gold, go farm and sell stuff. If you don’t have things you specifically need, play the sales game of you enjoy it, but if it’s a chore you can skip it.

    For me personally, since Dark Bro I’ve enjoyed:

    - the revised Craglorn was fun and can be largely soloed.

    - I really liked the Vvardenfell quests. But if you don’t have Morrowind, maybe do a faction quest line. Aldmeri was my personal favorite. But of course, eso questing involves a lot of talking to npcs, lol.

    - I actually liked the Vvardenfell ancestor tombs hunting game. It was different from most ZOS scavenger hunts, and I had fun thinking of Morrowind as a grid and trying to find all 30.

    - the “power creep” has made higher CP characters pretty strong. You might experiment with playing 4 person undaunted dungeons on normal mode w 1-2 players.

    - I am personally saving battlegrounds for when they put in CPs with the Clockwork dlc. That’s just a note so you know a big change is coming...which might affect how you feel about them.

    - there are SO MANY trials now you might consider gearing a high CP toon and joining a raid guild.
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  • Nestor
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    josepde wrote: »
    Hunt skyshards to get max skill points? Are guild quest a priority? what quests are more important to and productive to do? I dislike some quests that takes you to talk to every NPC for uncertain purpose.

    You never really stated your goal, but it boils down to two main choices, play the content or play the end game (Dungeons, Trials, PvP)

    If the former, just find a quest arrow and do something. As for Skill Points and or Leveling. You need to have 120 to 150 skill points to have an effective combat character, more so if you have two weapons and or PvP. If you add in Crafting and Guild stuff, even more points. So, based on what you have, you may want to hunt skyshards.

    As for bang for the buck quests, the Main Quests for each zone happen in Quest Hubs, and there are usually 5 to 6 of them per zone. These give the most Exp, really fat Champ Points (already doubled, with enlightenment then it is multiplied by 4 again). Speaking of which, are you Champion Ranked? If so, you want to do the ZMQ's. If not, get to L50 before you do those.

    Anyway, ZMQ's, yea, you talk to a lot of people during those, but, lots of Exp, Skill Points and Champ Points. So, you get what you pay for.

    Enjoy the game, life is what you really want to be worried about.

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