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What to do with crowns?

So i'm a returning player who preordered the imperial edition of ESO and only recently returned. I have 2000 crowns and will be getting 750 crowns in a few days from humble bundle monthly.

What should I use my crowns to buy first?

Also Shadowghost Senche do mounts like these listed as seasonal mounts return in a year or do they disappear forever?
  • Beardimus
    It's personal preference, I would say buy function. Bag increases especially if you dont have ESO plus.

    Or a DLC. Imperial City is mega value. Orsinium if you like PvE more. Other DLCs are very niche and not as good IMO.

    Cosmetics add nothing unless you like em.

    As for seasonal items some do Some dont some end up in crown crates
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  • Vrienda
    Orsinium is basically the same size as morrowind and only costs 1500 crowns these days, I’d say get that or Dark Brotherhood for the blade of woe (Instant kill from stealth).
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    Waiting for the day when ALL of Craglorn becomes soloable by the average player. *Glares at group delves and the lower Craglorn Mage and Warrior questlines*.

    Also waiting for the day when characters not created in Morrowind are allowed to have that extra skill point we were denied!
  • Tilleroeshi
    It's more than what you have but the Merchant Assistant has been the best purchase I've made so far.
    Banker and Merchant, 5K Crowns each though ;)
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