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Selling Mats v Selling Food

Would it be more lucrative selling frost mirrams and bervez juice that I get from the writs, or making purple tri-stat food and selling that?
Xbox - EU if that makes a difference
  • OutLaw_Nynx
    Selling mats.
  • Taleof2Cities
    @OutLaw_Nynx is right ... mats are definitely in bigger demand.

    Because top provisioners can make multiples of four (4) food or drink with just one frost mirriam or bervez juice.
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  • HJSmith24
    @OutLaw_Nynx is right ... mats are definitely in bigger demand.

    Because top provisioners can make multiples of four (4) food or drink with just one frost mirriam or bervez juice.

    Okay, but I'm in that boat, making 4 per mirram. I see Frost mirrams going at a steady 1K each, would it be plausible to sell purple tri-stat 2 hour food for 500 each? Meaning 2K per mirram?
  • Sharee
    IMO selling mats is better because everyone is a provisioner. Or at least there is nothing from stopping anyone from being one. Its one of the easiest to level crafts (along with alchemy), you can max it on a couple of hours, if you aren't in a hurry.
  • doslekis
    Depends what you play on I guess.

    On ps4 NA I've made good gold selling tri stat food and stacks of 20 potions [tri stat, immovable, weapon spell damage].

    Nothing sells better and faster than mats though. Be it alchemy reagents from farming imperial city, scraps or wax from bear farming, or even just refining the ore and wood you collect to sell temper and rosin.

    When I have no gold I always take into account the hordes of mats I have in my craft bag.
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  • vovus69
    both will sells well if you price it right. There is no diff from money point of view, it is pretty balanced, at least on PC NA. I am usually selling raw mats and dubious camoran drink.

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  • Wreuntzylla
    The system works well in that consumables are now relatively easy to farm mats for and make. It's a huge aspect of competitiveness and I approve.

    Having said that, the way to make money on consumables is to shop for consumable mats that cost you less than the amount you make vendoring the consumables you make from those mats. I know a few people that have made millions that way. The only downside is the time it takes to shop and make the consumables, but there are addons like multi-craft to ease the pain. Or, if you amass a ton of the mats and watch a movie while they are being crafted, it's win-win.
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