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PC EU Progressive Raid Guild - "Easy Peasy" Now recruiting!


EDIT: I am no longer playing ESO, raid lead is passed to @ LiofaTR and all recruitment queries should be sent to either @ eliatu @ alestes832 @ vizigothalaric or made on our website.

Hello and welcome to Easy Peasy, awe are a guild community of very close friends that have enjoyed relative success in trials since our forming on the 1st July 2017. We currently have 24 members and wish to expand further, if you have a desire to learn, progress and work hard for what you want in this game then Easy Peasy is for you!

What can we offer you?

Easy Peasy offers the chance to progress, a dedicated raid leader and more importantly a chance for you to play the game with a set of players that will match your skill level. Because we believe very strongly in having a capable and dependable roster, applications will be judged vigilantly and we are not open to accepting players that show no dedication or willingness to co operate.

What we do

Every month or two we set a goal as a guild, we then focus on this trial 3 times a week on every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday with our core team. Goals can range from simple achievements such as completions, titles and leaderboard scores, all the way to weird and whacky conditionals that just give us a little bit of personal satisfaction. Because of this you can expect to work hard and perfect your builds for one specific trial environment at a time. All raid times are 7pm BST / 8pm CEST. We also use a large range of guild materials to ensure we are as efficient as possible, these include positioning spreadsheets and organised team talks, therefore a lack of experience isn't necessarily a disadvantage here at Easy Peasy.

An example of what we do can be found below, earning us the #2 Aetherian Archive score for Morrowind patch! Showing what hard work and perseverance can do over naturally gifted players.


13/10/2017: Core Team has finished organising themselves and have completed vMoL HM and look forward to more challenges in the coming months!


22/10/17: Core Team has finished vMoL HM with a score of 138k! and a vitality of 30/36. Our off-tank crashed and took 15 minutes off the time, shamefully denying a 153k score, but we are super happy with how the team is progressing and look forward to more applications for the guild! Well Done all!

02/11/17: Core Team has completed vMoL with a score of 149k! congrats to all! Recruitment still open for Melee DDs and substitute support roles.

What we expect from our players

We don't expect anything out of the ordinary for our players. We do however expect basic respect to the guild and guild mates alike both directly and in directly. This includes the obvious zero tolerance policy on bad behaviour and abuse of fellow guildies, but also includes indirect behaviour such as sharing guild tactics and information without permission from raid leaders as well as causing disputes with other members of the raiding community unnecessarily.

In terms of damage output we measure applicants on two things, damage and survivability. We respect DDs that can react fast, use their self heals when required and take a DPS loss to stay alive and preserve the vitality bonus. We have no use for Leeroy Jenkins DDs who want to send screenshots of 55k DPS from beyond the grave and with their 40k raid score at the bottom of the photo.

We do however, in the need to stay competitive, require basic DPS tests to ensure that everyone in the guild is pulling their own weight. Since balance is bad this patch we judge each applicant based on their class and magicka/stamina variant and adjust the number required for each. The numbers required are as follows and each test is done on the Robust dummy with Major Fracture and Breach given.

Clockwork City Requirements

Stamina Templar - 37k
Stamina Dragonknight - 39k
Stamina Sorcerer - 40k
Stamina Nightblade - 40k

Magicka Templar - 35k
Magicka Dragonknight - 40k (Off balance will be provided)
Magicka Sorcerer - 36k Fire wall / 38k Shock wall
Magicka Nightblade - 35k

Numbers can be flexible if you show you're enthusiastic and have good raid knowledge.
You can also apply through support builds if your dps doesn't meet the requirements, for example Sunderflame and NMG stamina user and charged lightning staff Sorc.

If you have other good raid skills such as the ability to run backyard vMoL and upstairs vHoF 2nd boss etc, it will certainly help your application.

For tanks and healers you will be judged on your gear, experience and knowledge of the game. If your build is good then you will be invited for a test run.
How to Apply

Apply on our website at

Or send an in game mail or whisper to @ConnorWoods or @Alestes832

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'Molag Bals Deep - Templar Healer

- World's 3rd vHoF Clear.
- Dro M'athra Destroyer

KekliciousMemeMan - Tank

-Divayth Fyr's Coadjutor
-Dro M'Athra Destroyer

By The Beard of Zeus - Stamplar DD -
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ConnorWoods - Magicka Sorcerer DD

-Dro M'athra Destroyer
-Flawless Conqueror

Proud member of Late Night Dungeoneers.
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