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Looking for guild

Soul Shriven

As the title say's I am looking for a guild to call home.

A little bit about myself.

I am north of 40 and as a result can be grumpy and anti social at times. I have been playing MMO's since DAOC and am now having my second try at ESO and loving it.
I can be a bit of an alto holic but at the moment i have a 50 warden ( 206cp ) and am currently levelling a Sorc.
I have never eally been into end game stuff but enjoy dungeon runs and am willing to try just about anything.
I play most days from around 18:30 to 21:30 although this can vary depending on family.

I am looking for a guild that doesnt take itself too seriously and likes to have fun.

My ingame name is @Panandul or my sorc is Pyaray Souless
  • Cyn_v84
  • kadochka
    I'd suggest mine, but it's still pretty small, if you're even still looking. I'm trying to grow it, though! Good luck anyways! :smiley:
    NA & EU, all PC!
    🐱 @kadochka the cat mom 🐱

    About: my characters and me:
    MY MAINS (all female characters):
    Ruvaakro Nahkriin - Breton blazing tank, vamp
    Lahvraan Do Onikaan - Altmer healplar
    Haziel-la - sweet, chubby kitty chef, mama role
    Orthuna gra-Murug - big orcsorc, chef, mama role
    Penelope Hunter - Breton healplar
    Can't-Heal-Will-Revive - derpy Argonian warden tank, real name Izelda
    Kamii Ob’zahari - totally law-abiding, non-thief Khajiit
    I'm a female who's probably on the younger side of the playerbase, who played beta (got the monkey!) but stopped when it became P2P, and who lives in NA but plays more on EU (I do play NA sometimes, though). I love lore, backstories, and RP; I'm a casual player, I don't PvP, and I've never done a Trial. : ) My guilds are full, apologies, but I wouldn't mind making a few new friends!
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