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Biography of Crito the Black Swordsman *RolePlay* *Minor Spoilers*

Soul Shriven
* Mostly just for my own reference so I don't mess up my own roleplay, but feel free to add comments or suggestions :) *


Crito, a seventeen-year-old Imperial male, was born an orphan in the city of Cheydinhal. At the age of 14, Crito left the orphanage and earned enough to stay in the local inn by hunting and fishing. During the events of 2E 582, Crito refused to join the Imperial Legion and decided to flee west to avoid the war. Upon arriving in Ebonheart, Crito booked passage to Vivec City, where he hoped to make a new home.


While en route to Vivec City, Crito's ship is assaulted and destroyed by Dunmer slavers. Crito awoke to find himself captured but thanks to the assistance of Naryu Virian, a Morag Tong agent, Crito managed to escape. Crito reluctantly agreed to aid Naryu in her mission to assassinate the slaver captain and destroy the ship. As the ship burned, Crito and Naryu leapt into the water. Crito awoke to find himself warm, dry, and very much alive in the port city of Seyda Neen. Crito was then escorted to an "off-the-books" meeting Governor Salvi. Though Naryu proved Crito's innocence regarding the mayhem of the previous night, Crito found himself greatly disillusioned with the amount of scandalous behavior occurring in the region.


Upon release, Crito was not eager to stay in the swampy village of suspicious Dunmer in which he found himself. He immediately set off for Daggerfall Covenant territory, and managed to find passage to Stros M'Kai.
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    Soul Shriven
    Probably going to stop the story here. Just needed a good explanation for why and Imperial DC character would be in the waters around Morrowind :p
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