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Bow bg builds?

Are bow builds useful in bgs? Warden, nb, or sorc?
  • Thogard
    Some wardens can pull it off. They have enough healing and defense through their tree ult to be OK without snb.

    Most good nightblades don't run it. Some sorcs used to, but I rarely see them anymore
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  • FakeFox
    As BGs put you in a very tight space in mostly time based modes, I don't see much advantage to playing a bow build there.
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  • Kartalin
    You could incorporate a bow into a build as back bar perhaps. The only reason to use it though would be for poison injection and the hasty retreat passive.
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  • Betsararie
    I can't even imagine how bad that would perform.

    BGs is way too small and fast paced for bow/bow, one of the least optimal combinations.
  • Solariken
    I mainhand a bow in bg's (Stamplar) - it's really fun and effective but I don't think bow/bow is a viable option for any class sadly since

    1) bow and stamina ranged in general lack the tools and damage to kill a competent player without incorporating melee skills (jabs, DBoS).

    2) this game does not support ranged/kiting playstyles AT ALL. Gap closers will always win.
  • Curtdogg47
    I main a bow/2H NB. It can work very well. Typically in PVP I run buffs on my 2H Bar and do my fighting with my bow. In BG's however I find that being able to fight using both Bars works much better.

  • ChunkyCat
    Every now and gen I'll be smacking down someone in BGs and getting pinged with Snipe at the same time. It's pretty annoying -.-

    I struggle really hard trying to refrain from tea bagging those stupid archers when I finally catch up to them.
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