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Demonic Karma Gaming (DKG) Recruiting for Trials, PVP and Social Members

Hi All,

Welcome to the new recruitment thread for Demonic Karma Gaming.

About Us
We have been active on the server as a guild for over 2 years, we are predominantly a RED guild however we accept all factions into our guild.
We do all aspects of the game from Trials to PVP to trading.


DKG is a very social guild, officers chat is our main go to chat channel for everyday stuff from listening to our master moaner, or our resident “its only banter” valleys lad to outright tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists we have it all.
We have multiple different nationality’s in guild ranging from Germans, Americans, Welsh, Irish and Aussie plus we have a Todd (fecker speaks his own language half the time)
For those of you who are mic shy don’t worry we have an avid bunch of text chatters that range form our resident stealth PVP Resser to people that just don’t like to talk – we accept all


Currently we operate 2 trial teams one of them is our progression focused team looking at getting VMol VHoF and other hard content completed, currently working on the twins in VMol
We are recruiting for this team, and need all slots Tanks/Healers/DPS (DPS requirements are 28k minimum on a 3 million health dummy) we will require Tanks/Healers to run specific sets for different encounters.
We have an experienced bunch of people and just need a few more players to fit into our team and work to get the content down
Progression team trials are Tue/Thur 8pm-10pm UK Time and Saturdays 7pm-11pm

The other team is more of an open team generally people who are wanting to get better at trials or just get certain sets for PVP or VMa join us there and smash content out on vet and sometimes even normal depending on the groups needs. These trials are adhoc and can happen 2-3 times a week or 2-3 times a night

PvP (Puhhhhhhhh Vuhhhhhhh Puhhhhhh)

We have a core of players that love to pvp from sewer rats to Battleground bums and cyrodil slayers we have them all if you like PVP we have what you need, regular nights of pvp happen with a good strong core group, ranging from small scale fighting to naked zerging with underpants and fists

PvE (Puhhhhhh Vuhhhhhh Ehhhhhhh)

Pledges, Skin Runs, achievement hunting, master angling, world bosses dolemens trust me someone in the guild is doing something at some point throughout the days/nights


We try to get a decent trader every week and have some really experienced gold makers in the guild who are happy to share their wealth (jokes), nah they will however share their knowledge and help you with pricing of items, and sometimes if you catch them when the sun and the moon have aligned under a perfect horizon they may cut you a deal on a bulk buy (make sure to sign up for your DKG Store Card otherwise you will lose some fantastic benefits)

Well after taking the time to read all that I’m hoping you want to join drop us a message below in the following format gamertag and your main interest (example below)
GT: Mace1982
I want to pvp

*if you didnt read it we are an awesome guild and you want to join us*

**if you are interested in joining the main trials team please state so in your comment so we can speak with you separately about that**

Edited by Mace1982 on September 3, 2017 5:44PM
  • Wrecking_Blow_Spam
    Hey I'd be interested in joining the main trails team.
    Can get over 35k self buffed on 3 mil dummy.
    Also have a trails tank and healer.
    Xbox one EU
    8 Flawless conquerors on all class specs (4 stam, 4 magicka)
    Doesn't stand in red
  • Mace1982
    Awesome what's your gamer tag?
  • ChRiS_the_GaMeR
    Are the PvP player in your guild (especially the smallscale groups) also mostly reds?
  • Mace1982
    Mostly reds yes but a lot of us have multi factions
  • Wrecking_Blow_Spam
    Mace1982 wrote: »
    Awesome what's your gamer tag?

    I need to get rid of a guild which will happen next few days then I'll get in touch with you on Xbox.
    Xbox one EU
    8 Flawless conquerors on all class specs (4 stam, 4 magicka)
    Doesn't stand in red
  • funkstar89
    Soul Shriven
    Interested in main trials team, experienced in the 3 craglorn trials on vet and dps is 34k. GT: funkstar89
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