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Belderi's Hope - Now Reqruiting

<Belderi's Hope> is looking for members! The only requirements are that you are 23+ years old, a decent human being and chatty :)
We don't care about Level or your gear or if you are an elite gamer. We care about what kind of person you are :)
So if you want a smaller guild with ppl to chat to while exploring, to ask noob questions to or maybe even do a dungeon with, contact me for a chat.

Write a message here or send me a PM.


Belderi Llinerim of the Mournhold guildhall, known and esteemed for her knowledge about weaponry, offered hours and hours of chatter on keeping the edge of your glass sword.
We take to her example and honor her, by offering you a social guild. A place to feel at home and chat all you want.

We play PVE (solo and in groups) in Ebonheart Pact on the PC/mac EU server.

All members must be 23 years or more, unless you have a family member in the guild.
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  • Alan_Moffat
    can u join if your from another Alliance looking for a guild that i can call home one that is very chatty and welcomes new members where its easy to group with people and chill out with am 24 and from the Aldmeri Dominion
  • Korax
    Hey Alan_Moffat,

    Send me a PM and we can chat a bit. :smile:
    We are primarily an EP guild, but we do accept other Alliance members. :wink:
  • septorus
    Soul Shriven
    Hi! Would love to chat with you, please pm me here or in the game, @septorus
  • Korax
    Welcome to the guild Septorus :smile:
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