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Request to make accessories-appearance slot over lap everything. This would make sense, especially when players want to use a tabard over their costume. At the moment when slotting a tabard, using a costume will over lap everything, including the tabard.
Everything accomplished has been done on a integrated graphics card, thus far.
  • DeadlyRecluse
    Tabard over costume would be fantastic.
    Thrice Empress, Forever Scrub
  • MythicEmperor
    I, for one, want the option to hide my tabard without a costume on. Tabards are mostly distracting no matter the design, so this would allow me to simply display my guild name in the nameplate.
    With cold regards,

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    Kilith, Dunmer Magblade (old main)
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    Søren Icehelm, N'wah Warden
    Fargoth of Morrowind, Bosmer commoner
  • Reverb
    Tabard over costume would be amazeballs
    Edited by Reverb on September 15, 2017 2:21AM
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