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Want to make an LGBT guild

Soul Shriven
I'm a lesbian, and I just want to start a guild that is safe and fun for LGBT players. Send me a message in game or on here if you would like to join.
  • chiftie
    I'm a lesbian, and I just want to start a guild that is safe and fun for LGBT players. Send me a message in game or on here if you would like to join.

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  • BlackSparrow
    Go to the appropriate Guild Recruitment forum for your platform and server and give it a browse. Most servers have an LGBT+ dedicated guild at this point, and even if not, most guilds are pretty LGBT+-friendly. Many of the people uncomfortable with such things leave the game, because there are a bunch of same-sex couples among the NPCs, and the game never bats an eye about it. (It's one of the things that, as a bi gal myself, I love about this game :) )
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    My Girls:
    "Will you be going to Summerset?"

    Nephikah the Houseless, dunmer assassin: "Ugh. I have little interest in being looked down upon by a bunch of altmer. My own kind do that enough already."
    Swum-Many-Waters, argonian healer: "Perhaps. It seems there is daedric trouble afoot, and I do ever feel the need to lend a claw."
    Silh'ki, khajiit warrior-chef: "This one looks forward to working with Raz again!"
    Peregrine Huntress, bosmer hunter: "I have often wondered what it would be like to hunt a griffin..."
    Lorenyawe, altmer scholar: "I suppose I could be convinced to go. There are strange planar anomalies afoot, and I rarely turn down an opportunity to study such things."
    Lorelai Magpie, breton thief: "The riches of Summerset are infamous. I'm already planning ways to steal them."
    Rasheda the Burning Heart, redguard knight: "Where Swum-Many-Waters goes, I go, and I, too, find myself drawn to defend against a daedric threat."
    Hex-Eye Azabi, khajiit daedric priestess: "Perhaps. But it would not be to defend the island from my lady Mephala, oh no."
    Yngva Stormhammer, nord bandit (reformed...ish): "Bah. I don't want to deal with more stodgy high elves, but if my queen asks me to..."
    Madam Argentia, dunmer aristocrat: "The courts of the altmer are even more cut-throat than those of the Imperial City before the soulburst. I might go just as a matter of curiosity, but I do not suspect I will stay for long."
    Mazie gra-Bolga, orc scout: "Go to an island full of high elves? What kind of crazy do you have to be to want to do that?"
    Felicia the Wanderer, imperial witch-for-hire: "If I get a contract, sure. Otherwise, nah."
    Calico Jaka-dra, retired khajiit pirate: "This one was not planning to, but it seems fate has pulled her here. There's nothing like adventure to draw one out of retirement!"

    (Signature idea shamelessly stolen from Abeille.)
  • Belegnole

    Oh come on. There are a lot of exclusive guilds out there. If someone wants to make a guild that's adult only, do you have a problem with that?
  • WhoSlappedThePie
    Eh? I'm asking OP if it's going to be exclusive. I don't have a problem with anything. Just asking questions because it's interesting... just curious.
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  • Minyassa
    What? Why would a non-LGBT guild not be "safe" or even "fun"? Do you guys have different fun to everyone else? I literally haven't witnessed any judgment upon people from the LGBT community. How many people do you expect to be in this guild?

    Also you didn't say what platform you are on?

    Basically it's this: If the group does not say up front and loudly that they are NOT a good place to be bigoted, sooner or later some lowlife is going to say something seriously hurtful. When your life is a balance between trying to just live and trying to endure other people's abuse because something about you is different, words are a big deal. They can make the difference between having an okay day or wanting to kill yourself. So when people are wanting to spend their recreation time with other people, it's only natural that they would want to be assured that it would be a closed group to those who would hurt them.

    I personally *have* witnessed not just judgment but abuse in zone chat directed toward the LGBT community. That's a risk of zone chat, but it shouldn't have to be a risk of guild chat. So that's why people want to form specified communities.
  • HuntingHawk001
    Soul Shriven
    I am looking for a good guild adult preferably, does this guild require GLBTQ NO but if they were not allowed I would not stay. I do not think you are going to find one by spamming the boards however.
  • daechirak
    Soul Shriven
    I run a guild for lesbians exclusively as a safe space community type guild. You can find more information here if interested. We would love to have you!
  • daechirak
    Soul Shriven
    I currently am running a small community guild for lesbians by lesbians named Dibella's Chosen. We have a discord server, weekly game nights, dungeon runs, raffles and more. You can see my forum post here if interested!
  • ZOS_CoriJ
    Thread closed. We understand that a discussion of real world relationships isn't surprising subject matter, however this has gotten offensive. This is part of the reason why we typically do not allow "discussions" of lifestyle on the forums. As mentioned, if there's an interest in creating a guild, please refer to the Guid Recruitment section of our forums.
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