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Official Discussion Thread for "Crown Store Showcase: September 2017"

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    You may be able to have customer service schedule a purchaser for you in the case of per outage and what not. I'm pretty sure this is something through slowly stated doing in case people would be on vacation or something while a limited sale was going on.

    It's not really about the house; I could take it or leave it. The point I wanted to make is having such a limited time sale, especially something so exclusive, at time when so much of the southern US is impacted by natural disasters (Texas and by next week FL and likely others) is in very poor taste.

    Honestly though, there are things that happen all over the world - in countries that this game is played, promoted etc. they would have a really hard time scheduling releases around all those. It's quite unfortunate, but I think if they do it now, people would expect it all the time which would be terrible for trying to release items.

    That kind of gives evidence to the idea that 4-day limited time sales aren't actually customer-friendly.

    They are not supposed to be. Any limited time sale is not customer friendly. Door crashers that stores only have two of are not customer friendly.

    I mean I agree with you, but that's not the concern for "them" in this case. I believe you call that "marketing".

    "Marketing*" The business of misleading people without actually lying to them.

    *Most of the time

    Well, that's a little negative now. Something something about creating needs or rather showing us that we have needs we didn't know about and presenting us with a solution for said needs :p

    I might need that lava skin at the end of the month. See I have to wait for it, the anticipation is killing meh, I will pay whatever they ask for!

    But (!) if it's too much then I will complain and draw comparisons to previous skins or other things to make my case.
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