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casual pvp guild? (EU)

I've been looking around for a casual pvp guild on EU, preferably Pact on Azura (although I have cp600+ toons on all factions).
Just for a nice casual time at pvp and nothing too hardcore, elite or try-hardy, but not totally newbie either.
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  • cyberjanet
    Take a look at It's just starting up I know, but the leader is in my social guild and I can vouch for him being not too hardcore, elite or try-hardy. Though he's a very good, experienced player.
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  • Jiandao
    Hi Snowfury,

    The Sewerjacks are a new causal PvP guild. I play on all factions. Mostly on TF, but sometimes on Azura and Haderus. We are small at the moment, but have a site, housing and a TS server. If you're interested, contact me in game.


    Sam @Kodora79
  • Zunkis
    Hi ☺
    Hungry wolves is a newly started pvp guild we have experienced raid leaders and we use discord
  • SpearDusk
    still looking
  • BlitzWing97
    SnowFury wrote: »
    still looking

    We've got a small guild running and go to Cyrodiil every so often to claim resources and keeps. you interested? I'll send an invite if you are.
  • SpearDusk
    Any guilds recruiting?
  • Nermy
    SnowFury wrote: »
    Any guilds recruiting?

    We are. :D
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    Leader of The Wabbajack [EU EP PvP guild on Vivec.] Recruitment is OPEN!
    Member of The Light Knights.

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