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Looking for patient casual guild.

Soul Shriven
Hey everyone. I'm looking for a chilled laid back guild to join as I'm fed up of playing on my own. I feel I could be learning a lot more, and faster if I was with a group of like minded players.
I also feel I'd enjoy the social aspect of not being on my own either. I have never raided before which is some I would really like to do, and even PvP would be something to look forward to once I level up and understand the ins and outs a bit more.
Thanks for reading my wall of text. I'll look forward to hopefully gaming with some of you.
Edited by TechNizzle88 on September 6, 2017 9:23AM
  • sedgewix
    Soul Shriven
    Looking for the same, recently just started playing again after a several year hiatus, was previously on the NA server so don't know anybody in the EU one and a bit has changed since I played, would be nice to find a casual group to learn the ropes with again. Currently a lvl 37 NB.
  • Wonky_Jr
    Hi @TechNizzle88, @sedgewix

    What are your Gamertags, and Ill send you some invites over tonight.

    We are really social guild, who help people, run all content regularly.

  • sedgewix
    Soul Shriven

    My gamertag is Sedgewic09!
    And that sounds great, thank you:)
  • TechNizzle88
    Soul Shriven
    Hi, my GT is TechNizzle88. Currently rolling a lvl 17 sorc in AD. Can't wait to get stuck in
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