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Skyreach Runs PS4

Looking for someone to help me out and get an alt of mine to 50, I'm cp 410 on my main. I am an ESO+ member, I have all XP gear on my alt, I have xp potions and xp scrolls, I've gotten a friend of mine from 1-50 in less then two hours before and so o know it shouldn't take too long. As far as payment goes I can pay with 10k gold + 6 kuta + 4 temp alloys or return the favor with one of your characters, or be your personal healer for anything you might need, we can discuss payment also.

My name is StarzSuicide on psn NA SERVER

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  • akl77
    Just go to Craglorn and ask in zone chat, saying what you're paying, there'll be people willing to run for you.
    Pc na
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