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STEAM version of ESO is having MAJOR problems

Players buying CROWNS and NOT recieving their crowns. Plus problems getting game to download, telling people they don't enough enough free space. ZOS fix your STEAM version.
  • Peekachu99
    I haven't had any of these issues. Is this listed on the group forums? If so, a link might be helpful for ZoS.
  • OC_Justice
    No issues on my end and i bought crowns through steam.
  • ZOS_BillE
    If you purchased Crown Packs on Steam, but do not see them in game, you should ensure that you have linked your Steam and ESO accounts and that you have logged in using the Steam client. Please wait 24-72 hours for the arrival of your crowns from the time of purchase. If you are playing on the EU and recently linked your Steam Account, it is possible that it did not properly link. We recommend logging in briefly to the North American server, which should complete the link if it did not link previously.
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  • neverwalk
    i'm not having any problems, just trying to help steam players, as ZOS never shows their faces on steam. Steam always say it's an ZOS problem/s.
  • witchdoctor
    I bought some for the sale, and had no issue.
  • Rick_S1
    Just so that people are aware, I've been having a problem on the Zenimax version for several weeks now. My character's movement will randomly slow down, when I do anything that isn't movement or combat, such as getting crafting materials, talking with an NPC. Going in or out of a door, etc. It may happen once in several hours, or a few times an hour. I am buying the Gold version that works on Steam, and will be linking accounts. It will be very interesting to see if I still have this problem on Steam.
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