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Varen's Legacy Set Guide

Hey Peeps,

I put together a comprehensive Set Guide regarding a lesser known and used Set named Varen's Legacy. Check it out if you have questions about the Set :)

  • Qbiken
    This guide gave me inspiration to try out my "Blazeplar" again. Awsome :D
    WTB a non-bugged werewolf for at least one patch
    Probably the worst Werewolf on PC/EU

    DC - Octius Ciel - Magicka Sorcerer - Breton
    DC - Evelina Septim - Magicka Templar - Breton
    EP - Josephine Tharn - Magicka Templar - Breton
    DC - Zireael the White Flame - Stamina Sorcerer - Bosmer
    EP - Qbi-One-Kenobi - (Previously Tankus Maximus II) - Argonian
    AD - Anconeus - Magicka Nightblade - High Elf
    EP - Cirilla Élen Riannon - Magica Dragonknight - Dark Elf
    AD - The Cub of Cintra - Stamina Nightblade - Redguard
    AD - Alinare Larentius - Magicka Templar - High Elf
    DC - The Alt-Knight - Stamina Dragonknight - Nord
    DC - Féreldir - Magicka Warden - Argonian
    AD - Kuvirá - Stamina Sorcerer - Redguard
    EP - 1vX Material - Stamina Warden - Orc
    EP - Fenrir the Windwalker - Stamina Sorcerer - Orc
    EP - Q_Q Mancer Stamina Necromancer - Orc

    EP - Sister Q - Stamina Sorcerer - Nord

    vAA + HM: Completed
    vHRC + HM: Completed
    vSO + HM: Completed
    vMoL+ HM: Completed
    vMA: Completed, and with 10 characters as Flawless Conquerors.
    vDSA: Completed
    vAS HM: Completed
    vHoF + HM: Completed
    vCR +1
  • Trashs1
    nice guide. seems like a sweet set for a mag dk
    Dolche des Königs (DDK); EuPC, DC, Sotha Sil,
  • Riggsy
    Thanks, gonna play with this a bit. I love odd, underused sets.
    MMAGA - We Made Medium Armor Great Again
    Evasion: Casting this ability and its morphs now requires that you wear 5 pieces of Medium Armor.

    Donald Thump - Mule
    M'aiq Pence - Mule
  • Kyye
    Oh joy! I really really loved the article!

    The video topped it all off! I am going to play with this set so hard :D
    XBL GT: CWB Hempire
    Bright moons guide your steps.
  • Malyck
    Nice job, I enjoyed this article. :smiley:
  • dpencil1
    @Castielle Thanks for this and all you do over at FextraLife. As a mSorc main, I can't say I found this particular guide personally inspiring, but it was very well written. I look forward to future installements.
  • Castielle
    @dpencil1 thank you for the kind words :) I'm working on my next Set Guide right now, so you shouldn't have to wait too long.

  • Aztlan
    What a well-written and thoughtful guide. I'm looking forward to future installments. Thank you!
  • Arthg
    Your guides are extremely informative and well-written.

    Kudos, mate, and thanks a LOT!!!
    PC/EU. NoCP PvP. sDK Orc IRL. Flawless tamperor. AR 41+. CP 900+. Pro scrub.

  • Castielle
    I'm really glad you guys like them :smiley:

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