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Armor of Truth Set Guide

Hey Guys,

I just finished my second Set Guide about a Set almost no one uses called Armor of Truth. Check it out when you have an minute!


  • Qbiken
    Your guides are amazing, keep up the good work :)
    Immortal Redeemer - Gryphon Heart - Dro-m'Athra Destroyer - The Unchained
    And apparently still not a PvE player

    DC - Octius Ciel - Magicka Sorcerer - Breton
    DC - Evelina Septim - Magicka Templar - Breton
    EP - Josephine Tharn - Magicka Templar - Breton
    DC - Zireael the White Flame - Stamina Sorcerer - Bosmer
    EP - Qbi-One-Kenobi -Stamina DK - Argonian
    AD - Anconeus - Magicka Nightblade - High Elf
    EP - Cirilla Élen Riannon - Magica Dragonknight - Dark Elf
    AD - Fifty Shades of Cloak - Stamina Nightblade - Imperial
    AD - Alinare Larentius - StaminaTemplar - Redguard
    DC - The Alt-Knight - Stamina Dragonknight - Nord
    DC - Féreldir - Magicka Warden - Argonian
    AD - Kuvirá - Stamina Sorcerer - Redguard
    EP - 1vX Material - Stamina Warden - Orc
    EP - Fenrir the Windwalker - Stamina Sorcerer - Imperial
    EP - Q_Q Mancer Stamina Necromancer - Imperial

    EP - Sister Q - Stamina Sorcerer - Nord
    EP - Queue but the ueue is silent - Nightblade - Dark Elf

  • Castielle
    Thank you so much! I put in a lot of effort :)

  • Maryal
    Awesome guide!
  • TankHealz2015


    Especially, since I've been looking for a way to improve my PvP DK Werewolf.

  • Trashs1
    nice to see this guides! the explanation of how it works helps a lot

    /e i would love to read a guide to this frost beam set of vma :) since its reading inzteresting but i dont have 5 pices to test it
    Edited by Trashs1 on August 29, 2017 5:56AM
    Dolche des Königs (DDK); EuPC, DC, Sotha Sil,
  • Castielle
    Thanks for the kind words! Yeah part of the limitation on the guides is that I have to have the set in order to test it and that takes time. I'll keep it in mind for a future guide though :)

  • Sharee
    Better than expected. When i saw it is about armor of truth, i thought "wonder if he caught the fact ww fear causes off-balance?" - well, turned out it was all about werewolves, hehe :)

    I tried this set with exactly the same in mind and it didn't work very well, but that was mainly because of the proc meta of the past - i simply had to have reactive set to be able to survive in WW form for any length of time. Might work a lot better now.

    However i will probably stick with my salvation set. Killing power in WW form is really good when you get to do damage, i dont need to increase it much further, and the ability to transform 30% more often is invaluable. So, salvation/shacklebreaker for me. Currently paired with pirate skeleton+lord warden(both give resistance). Over 35000 physical res in ww form when i transform on my tank bar... (over 40K before volatile armor runs out)
    Edited by Sharee on August 29, 2017 6:21AM
  • Castielle
    Damn those are some crazy numbers! Yes I'll admit Armor of Truth is not the best set ever for Werewolf, but it's really about all it's good for. When I started doing these guides I was trying to come up with ways to find lesser used Sets viable, and this is what I found for Armor of Truth. In no way am I saying "It's the best there is" lol.

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